Worried about what this winter will bring? Will it be cold and lots of snow, or warmer with lots of ice? Take the worry out of winter driving with the best winter tires on the market from Nokian Tyres!

What sets Nokian apart from other winter tire manufacuters? Nokian’s head office is based in Nokia, Central Finland. Since the Finn’s have very harsh winters and their country extends well into the Arctic Circle, Nokian wanted to develope tires that would offer exceptional performance for winter driving. It doesn’t matter if your driving your vehicle in a city like Helsinki or Calgary, or driving on remote roads of rural Alberta, or the tundra of Lapland, you’ll have exceptional grip and performance in ice and snow.

The “White Hell” test track

Nokian also goes a step above and beyond other winter tire manufacturers by building the furthest north tire test facility in the world. Nokian’s large tire test facility  is located in Ivalo, Finland, 235KM north of the Arctic Circle. Nokian calls their facility “White Hell” as a homage to the most grueling track on the planet, The Nurburgring (AKA The Green Hell). The “White Hell” is one of the most extensive winter tire test facilities in the world, with a complete track cut into the ice of a frozen lake, to simulated city roads, rolling country roads, forested areas and the worlds longest ice rink, which is houses in a 3300 foot long hanger, which they use for high-speed ice testing.

Nokian’s 3300 foot long ice track

How many other tire manufacturers are this serious about winter tire performance?


Nokian offers exceptional performance winter tires in both studded and non-studded tires in their Hakkapeliitta series. Hard to say, but hard to argue with their performance.

Nokian’s non-studded winter tires is the Hakkapeliitta R2.

Hakkapeliitta R2

Nokian has built the R2 tires to offer exceptional grip in ice and snow, to be low noise tire for daily driving, and have a the most advanced non-studded winter grip on the market. Nokian has developed a specialized diamond-tough grip particle in the rubber compound that improve the tire grip on ice and snow, without having to run studs. This improves traction, grip and braking on ice.

Nokian Cryo Crystal Concept Technology

Nokian also develops the tread design on these tires to help reduce planing on slush and to help absorb water into the sipes on the tread block to move it to the outer edge to ensure good contact with the road on wet or icy roads.

Nokian has the Hakkapeliitta R2 available in sizes from 13″-21″ to cover almost every vehicle on the road.

 Want even better grip and traction? Nokian’s Hakkapellitta 8s can handle the job!

Nokian Hakkapeliita 8

The Hakkapeliitta 8’s are one of the most advanced studded tires on the market. They offer firm grip in all winter conditions, reliable handling in any winter weather, and are designed to be low fuel consumption and offer a comfortable noise level.

What really set these tires apart from other studded winter tires on the market is their revolutionary stud design. While most traditional tire studs are a solid piece of metal that is inserted into the tires and are exposed all the time. This means you have a louder ride and if it’s not a very snowy winter, the studs on your tires can ware out prematurely. Nokian’s answer to this problem? Their Eco Stud design.

Nokain’s Eco Stud Technology 

Nokian combines an anchor stud, flange and their Eco Stud cushion with revolutionary stud placement to ensure supereme grip, and soft stud contact on all driving surfaces. If the roads are dry and the studs are not required, they will compress them selves into the tread of the tire to prevent any unwanted premature wear. 

The Hakkapeliitta 8’s also have a revolutionary edged saw-tooth patern on the rear part of the tread block that helps improve grip and reduce braking times and distances on snow. Rounding out the performance of these tires, Nokian has added structural reinforcements on the center section of the tire to provide better feedback and responsiveness in the steering.

Nokian offers the Hakkapeliita 8’s in sizes ranging from 13″ – 21″ with load ratings capable for SUV’s. 

Want to go even further with your winter tire performance? Nokian has just released the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 for 2017. 

Nokian has taken the technology it had from the Hakapeliitta 8’s and improved on it for the 2017 season. The Hakkapeliitta 9’s have a new revolutionary stud patern that uses different style studs in different sections of the tire to optimise grip under extreme conditions. They are the most stable and balanced tire in any weather condition and offer the lowest tire noise and fuel consumption of any of Nokian’s studded tires to date. 

Nokian uses two different stud styles on the inside tread and the outer treadblock. The center of the tread block uses a diamond shaped stud to provide exceptional longitudinal grip for acceleration, driving and braking. A Y shaped stud on the outer edge of the tread block provides extra traction for cornering on icy and snowy surfaces.

Nokain’s dual stud shape design

Nokain uses their Eco Stud technology on both styles of studs to keep a low road noise level and improve stud life. 

Nokian has also improved it’s center block tread design to provide more sharp edges on the tread to improve grip on snow.

The Hakkapeliitta 9’s are available in sizes from 14″ to 20″ with more coming.

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