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Why Tunerworks Tire Service?

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Installation and maintenance of your wheels and tires is just as important as any other component of your vehicle. You can have the highest quality wheels and the best possible tires, but if the installation doesn’t match the quality of the parts, you won’t be taking full advantage of what the wheel and tire package have to offer. This is where Tunerworks Wheel & Tire Service excels. Our Wheel and Tire Service center has dedicated tire technicians on staff. This means they are masters of their craft and take pride and care in the work that they provide. We pair our dedicated tire technicians with top of the line, industry leading tools to ensure that your wheels and tires are installed with zero damage and with the best balance possible.


State of the art equipment…

Our Wheel and Tire Service Center is able to work on all types of vehicles, from high-end sports cars, to your off-road machine. We specialize in mounting low-profile tires, but we can also do a proper mount and balance on your 37” mudder tires as well. Our top of the line Hunter Touchless Tire Mounting Machine stretches the tire over the rim to provide a worry free, damaged free mounting. Tires are then balanced on our top of the line Hunter Road Force Balancing machine. Traditional static balancing will balance a wheel without load being placed on the tire. Our Hunter Road Force Balancing machine has a drum that places load onto the tire to simulate the conditions that the tire will be facing on the road to ensure the smoothest ride possible.

We also offer a variety of other tire services outside of mounting and balancing.

We offer tire rotations, seasonal change overs, and flat repairs. Keeping with our high standards of tire services, we only use specialized internal tire patches on our flat repairs. Using an internal patch compared to a standard plug keeps the tire’s integrity in check, but also offers a better seal around the puncture that will last for the life of the tire…

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Tunerworks also offers seasonal wheel and tire storage programs to our customers.

All of the sets we store are stored in climate-controlled storage facilities to ensure that the tires aren’t subjected to too much heat, become too cold, or become too dry while sitting in storage. Storing your wheels and tires in your cold garage or shed may seem like a convenient option… but did you know that if your tires are stored in an area that is too cold it can reduce their lifespan?

Storing tires in near or below freezing temperatures can cause the rubber to contract and cause compound cracks, as well as pull oil out of the rubber required to keep the rubber soft. Most summer tires are designed to be used in mild to hot ambient temperatures, and should be stored in similar temperature ranges. Our wheel and tire storage program takes the worrying out of your hands, and also saves you from having to lug the big, heavy, dirty wheels in and out of your vehicle anytime they need to be changed over.

Have Some Minor Cosmetic Damage On Your Wheels?

Tunerworks Can Help With That as Well

We all know it happens, you’re pulling into a parking spot or trying to get that perfect curb side spot, don’t realize how close you are to that curb and “crunch”. Don’t worry! Tunerworks offers professional cosmetic wheel repairs for wheels with minor imperfections or that little bit of curb rash. Our refinishing services will bring your wheels back to their former glory and make that little mistake a distant memory. Wheel refinishing is often more cost effective than buying an expensive replacement wheel, and most wheels can be refinished in a single day. We unfortunately DO NOT offer wheel repairs or refinish for structural damage such as bends, cracks, or complete wheel restorations.

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