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Tunerworks carries a wide variety of exhaust components from universal mufflers, to catback exhausts, headers, up-pipes, downpipes, all the way to exhaust tips. With some of the top brands on the market manufacturing exhaust systems in stainless steel, Inconel and even ultra-light weight titanium we have the brands and products to ensure your vehicle has that perfect exhaust note. From street driven vehicles, race cars, or your SUV or truck, we have systems available to free up power, give it that signature exhaust note and even change the look of the vehicle with new exhaust tips, Tunerworks has you covered.


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Are you looking to free up some more power in your vehicle? Looking for a signature sound? Put your vehicle on a diet and loose some weight over the clunky factory exhaust? Don’t know the difference between a catback and an axle back? We can help! Our team of experts can assist you in finding the perfect exhaust system or components for your vehicle to get that perfect tone.


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Your vehicle is ready for a new soundtrack, but you’re not sure where do go with it. Exhaust systems are a difficult thing to shop for as there are many options, qualities, materials, and price points attached to them. Our team of experts are here to walk you through the process and find the best system for your vehicle and your needs. We’ll provide you with options and sound clips to ensure we find the correct system for you. Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Fill out your information on the right and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If it’s an immediate concern, please give us a call Monday to Friday, at 403.398.9833.

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