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Mercedes-Benz Service A


The Mercedes-Benz Service A is a scheduled maintenance procedure conducted after one-year of ownership, or 20,000kms, whichever comes first. Here is what’s involved and how we do it at Tunerworks Service.

Mercedes Service A Calgary Warranty

What is a Mercedes-Benz Service A?

The Mercedes-Benz Service A is a scheduled maintenance procedure conducted after one year of ownership, or 20,000kms, whichever comes first. Every element of Service A is cross-referenced with the corresponding service sheet from Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Systems Canada. This ensures that your vehicle is being treated with care and precision.

All models receiving a Service A get the following:

  1. Oil Service with high-performance synthetic oil.
  2. Oil filter replacement.
  3. Checks and corrections for all your vehicle’s fluids.
  4. Tire pressure check and correction.
  5. Brake check
  6. Maintenance counter reset

Can I Go to Any Old Shop?

Not really, you want to go somewhere where the technicians are experienced with high-end European vehicles and have spent lots of time with Mercedes in particular. Going to a shop that is experienced with the relevant procedures means that everything will be done quickly and efficiently, proper OEM parts will be used, and the technicians will be able to troubleshoot anything that comes up.

Do I Have to Go to the Dealership?

No! This is a huge misconception that we deal with all the time. Many people think that they HAVE to go to the dealership for the Mercedes-Benz Service A, and are particularly worried about voiding their warranty if they go to an independent shop.

We understand this concern, as the Factory Warranty is one of the major advantages of purchasing a new vehicle. However, dealerships notoriously overcharge for services, largely because drivers think that the dealership is their only service option if they want to preserve their warranty. Well, we are happy to tell you that when you bring your new vehicle to Tunerworks, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s Factory Warranty will NOT become void.

For details on your Factory Warranty, click here for the Mercedes Benz Canada warranty page.

Tunerworks can be your one-stop shop for the service and maintenance of your new car. Our scheduled services and maintenance are warranty compliant, so you don’t have to worry about your new car’s warranty.

In addition to warranty-compliant services, you get the benefit of our Golden Rule: “100% of our clients need to know 100% of the time what is 100% wrong with their vehicle; then, it is the client’s decision as to how they would like to proceed.” The decision-making power is solely up to our clients – no sales pressure, just FACTS!

Update (January 2021) – Continental Auto Service (Mercedes Specialists) is now part of the Tunerworks team!   Same high quality service work, and serving Calgary clients since 1974.