Stunning Brembo GT | BM8 8 Piston Monobloc Calipers

As the world’s most recognized supplier of high-performance brake systems and components Brembo has become a household name in the aftermarket tuning industry. This Italian brand has their name on braking systems in almost every form of professional motorsport and as original equipment on the finest cars in the world. If you drive a Porsche built in the last 30 years, a Cadillac CTS-V, a Subaru STI a Ferrari or a long list of other go-fast cars there are Brembo brakes hiding behind your wheels.


Tunerworks has been selling and installing Brembo ‘Big Brake’ systems and upgraded discs for almost 20 years so we have the experience to help you select the correct brake upgrade for your car, truck or SUV. Brembo offers a staggering number of options at every performance level but this is a list of our favourites.


Sport Rotors and Pads:  The combination of Brembo Sport rotors (drilled or slotted) and Sport pads is ideal for drivers who use their vehicles for normal road use and performance oriented street driving. These discs are made from high-carbon cast iron for improved thermal and mechanical resistance.  They also build special 2-piece Type 3 disc upgrades for Porsche applications. Brembo Sport brake pads should be the first upgrade level for any braking system. These pads have been engineered for drivers looking for a performance increase over stock pads without all the downsides of switching to a full race pad compound. For this level of upgrade we recommend using Sport EVO 500++ or LCF 600 Plus brake fluid.



GT Big Brake systems: When you think of big red calipers this is the Brembo system that comes to mind. The GT High Performance systems are for street and track use and offer world class performance and supercar looks. The GT systems come with opposed piston calipers and are designed for high thermal resistance with accurate brake modulation and perfect front-to-rear bias. Lightweight 2-piece discs with replaceable friction rings increase thermal capacity and dramatically reduce brake fade. GT systems are available with drilled or slotted discs and a wide range of standard and custom caliper colour options. The kits can also be ordered with more aggressive track-worthy pads. For this level of upgrade we recommend using LCF 600 Plus or HTC 64T brake fluid.


GT-R, CCM-R and Track Day systems: This is where things get serious and technology mixes with advanced materials and manufacturing to deliver the ultimate in braking performance. We consider all of these systems to be truly advanced systems and suggest having an in-depth conversation with one of our braking experts to determine which series is best suited to your driving needs. The GT-R systems take all of the features of the GT systems and up the game with billet Monobloc calipers finished with gorgeous corrosion resistant nickel plating. The CCM-R systems are very similar to the GT systems but the iron discs make way for lightweight carbon ceramic 2-piece discs to offer GT-level performance combined with the superior wear (up to five times longer than iron), increased thermal capacity, and extreme unsprung weight savings.  If your car spends more time on the track than in the office parking lot we suggest looking at the new Track Day / Club Racing calipers. These 4-piston and 6-piston aluminum caliper kits feature racing style radiators and dual inner piston seals with inner pressure seals and an outer wiper seals. This advanced design provides the best combination of performance and durability for track use. The calipers are hard anodized for resistance to corrosion and discoloration at high temperatures. The Brembo logo is the racing font and engraved in red, as seen on all of the company’s true competition products.

Brembo Brakes Big Brake Kit BBK High Temperature Fluid carbon ceramic crossdrilled slotted rotors

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