People always think that winter wheels need to be boring, steel wheels. Here at Tunerworks, we think you can use winter to express your own unique style on your vehicle!

Since Tunerworks has such a large selection of wheels, we are able to find a winter wheel and tire package that doesn’t have to be the traditional boring steel wheels. With great brands like Fast, Braelin, Replika, Ace Alloy, Velocity Motoring, TSW, Savini, Avant Garde, Niche Road wheels and many more, we can help you find a winter wheel that won’t give you the winter blues.

If you wanted to go with a higher end wheel, we can get wheels that are well suited for winter from HRE, PUR, OZ, BBS or BC Forged!

If you are looking for some inspiration for winter wheels for your vehicle, check out our Flickr album that we will be updating with more pictures as the season goes on:


If you are looking for a set of winter wheels and tires for your vehicle, even the traditional steel wheels, please contact Tunerworks – 403-398-9833 or e-mail and we’ll be able to help find a package that works for you!