Vossen wheels, a name that comes to the forefront of affordable luxury wheels with a unique take has just released their newest addition to the collection. This is the new Vossen VFS4.


By meshing with Vossen’s existing Hybrid Forged lineup and using their advanced flow forming technology, the new VFS-4 wheel is the perfect blend between the affordability of a cast wheel and the strength and performance of a forged wheel.

Vossen has designed these wheels with sweeping lines and a sleek transition from the spoke to the rim to give it an edgy but refined styling characteristic. 

Vossen has these new wheels available in two different colours. They first offer their Silver Metallic. It’s light in tone with brilliant metallic depth to give the wheel a nice contrast.

They also offer the wheel in a Gloss Graphite finish. The Gloss Graphite has a lustrously dark tone that elegantly reveals the lines of the wheel.

Vossen also uses their advanced hybrid flowforming technology to build these wheels at a reasonable price. Their hybrid flowforming process is done across a 5 step process. The first step is mounting a cast wheel to their flowforming drum and heat is applied. 

For step 2 of the process, they use a hydraulic roller to stretch the wheel by applying pressure to the barrel

Step 3 is the wheel’s material is stretched and compressed to the desired width.

The final step of the process is completing the stretching of the barrel material, which improves the grain structure of the aluminum, making a stronger and lighter barrel, similar to a fully forged wheel.

These wheels are available in only 20″, but with widths ranging from 8.5″-10.5″. These wheels are very versatile and look great on a number of vehicles. Take a look at a set of the Gloss Graphite on this M3

Or how about this Mustang GT on a set of Satin Silver’s

If you are looking for a reasonably priced luxury wheel, with the strength of a forged wheel, check out Vossen’s other wheels in the VFS series.

Vossen VFS Series 

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