Whiteline Suspension has a great selection of products available for your Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ or Toyota 86.

Whiteline is one of Australia’s premier suspension manufacturers. They have developed a number amazing products to get your FRS/BRZ/86 to handle like the nimble ninja it is without breaking the bank.

Whiteline has their GS1 suspension kit available for these awesome cars. The GS1 kit comes with a set of their performance lowering springs, which are engineered for optimal performance with both OEM and aftermarker shocks. Their lowering springs lower the vehicle 25mm (1″ drop). The GS1 kit also comes with and upgraded larger diameter front and rear sway bar. Their 2 point adjustable 22mm front swaybar helps improve grip, reduce body roll and helps reduce understeer. The matching 16mm 3 point adjustable helps tighten up the rear end of the vehicle to round out the performance of the vehicle’s suspension. The kit also includes a set of Whiteline’s rear swaybar mount brace’s which help increase stiffness at the swaybar mount and reduce the likelihood of bending or cracking the OEM mounts due to increased loads. To finish off the kit, Whiteline includes a set of their adjustable swaybar endlinks. By having their swaybar endlinks adjustable, owners can dial in the amount of preload and torsion on the swaybars to fine tune the way the vehicle handles. 

Want even more adjustment? Whiteline’s MAXG coilovers. Whiteline has built these MAXG coilovers with race proven inverted damper technology, producing an extremely strong damper as well as providing superior suspension geometry under heavy lateral and breaking loads. Perfect for both street and track applications. Their inverted dampers are a larger 44.5mm diameter damper bore. This large damper bore helps deliver increase surface area loading, eliminating the dist of bending during high impact loading which is associated with conventional dampers. The MAXG coilovers also incorperate a  12 stage rebound adjustment system that provides an increase in rebound damping force, delivering improvements in the vehicle’s body motion without making the vehicle overly stiff on compression. These coilovers are the perfect setup for daily drivers who also want to throw their vehicle around the track and everywhere in between. 

Finish off your vehicle’s suspension by stiffing up the chassis with one of Whiteline’s strut tower braces. Whiteline’s strut tower bars are made of tubular aluminum with aluminum mounts to provide exceptional strength with minimal weight. Stiffing up the chassis with their strut tower bars will round out the vehicle’s suspension set up, improve turn-in, sharpen steering response and provide greater steering feed back.

Whiteline has a massive selection of products, including hard parts, bushings, and complete suspension kits available for the FRS/BRZ/86 and a large number of other applications. Check out their website for a complete application listings. 

Whiteline Suspenion Website

If you’d like pricing on any of Whiteline’s amazing suspension components, please e-mail bryan@tunerworks.com, or call the shop at 403-398-9833