Remus is excited to announce the release of the Remus Catback Sport Exhaust for the new Honda Civic Type-R.

This system is offered as a cat back configuration with a valve that integrates with the on-board electronics. No vehicle modifications are required and can easily be installed without cutting the stock exhaust, 100% bolt-on.

Remus offers their Remus Sound Controller and App for this application which consists of an electronic module, OBDII plug, remote control button along with the electronic actuator and wiring. The Sound Controller allows the valve to be operated in four different positions to give 4 different exhaust volume levels.

Remus’ catback lists a power increase of between 2.1-6.9 HP increase and an increase of between 4-9ft/lbs in torque.

Owners of this exhaust system have the choice between 5 different tip styles in either 98mm or 102mm.

If you are looking for a great exhaust system or other performance products for your new Civic Type-R, please feel free to contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail