We are back with throwback Thursday! We have been very busy with our winter wheel and tire season, but still found some time to go through some old pictures and show-case some of our old builds.

This week’s edition is a very unique Lexus SC430

This Lexus is rolling on a set of custom finished 20″ Work VS-KF wheels

They were finished in a custom pink center with the standard anodized barrel.

Love it or hate it, these wheels definitely stand out from the crowd. 

WORK wheels Japan still produce the VS-KF wheel in 19″ and 20″. If pink isn’t your colour, Work does offer these wheels with lots of different customization options including different coloured wheel faces, barrels, hardware and customizable fitments.

If you are looking for a set of WORK wheels for your vehicle, please feel free to contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail information@tunerworks.com to build a set of custom wheels for your vehicle. **Pink faces not required**