With the cold, dark winter days upon us, most people stop enjoying their fun cars for the season and start dreaming of their big plans for the spring when the weather comes around again. This downtime is the perfect time to place your order for that new set of wheels you were thinking about!

Most people don’t start thinking about their new summer wheels until the spring time, but winter is actually the best time to order them and there are a few reasons why.

If you are thinking of ordering a set of wheels from our Japanese brands such as Work, SSR, Volk Racing, Rays, or Advan, or a forged wheel from some of our premier brands such as HRE, Brixton Forged, BC Forged, or PUR, these wheels can sometimes take up to 12 weeks to build or ship from overseas. Ordering your custom wheels at this time of the year ensures that your wheels will be built to order and arrive before the snow starts to melt. 



Another good reason to order this time of year is the sales. Certain manufacturers will usually have sales that will come up over the colder months, which means you can sometimes get the custom wheels you want for some of the best prices of the year. **Hint: keep an eye on this blog on Monday for one of those sales…**

The last reason is to avoid the rush in the spring. Ordering your new summer wheels and tires in the off season means that we can have them mounted, balanced and ready to install as soon as the weather starts to look nice again. Having the wheels ready to go means a quick bolt-on installation appointment can be booked in advance, instead of trying to get booked in with everyone else looking to get their summer tires installed.

If you are thinking of a new set of custom wheels for your vehicle in the spring, please feel free to contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail information@tunerworks.com