Vossen is proud to announce the release of their latest wheel in their Hybrid Forged line of wheels, the new HF-1

Vossen is expanding their line of Hybrid Forged wheels and the HF-1 is their newest addition.

The HF-1 is inspired and modeled after it’s forged counterpart, the HC-1. The Hybrid Forging technology makes this wheel a more cost effective, light weight wheel with long sleek spokes and machined faces that point to an integrated hub, ready for any five-l.

The HF-1 is available in a large selection of sizes and concave profiles for most 5-bolt patterns. Vossen offer the wheels in a flat, deep and super deep concave profile depending on the width of the wheel.

Vossen offers the wheels in 2 standard finishes: Tinted Gloss Black and Tinted Matte Gunmetal, but also offer 8 custom order colors including gloss silver, satin silver, gloss black, stain black, anthracite, gloss gold, satin bronze and textured bronze for an additional cost.

Adding one of the optional colors gives customers the availability of creating a unique set of wheels for their vehicles that stand out in the crowd.

Vossen also offer their optional billet center caps to continue with the possibility of building your own unique set of wheels. Available in 32 different colour combinations, customers can really find a unique look for their wheels.

For pricing, availability and fitment for your vehicle, please feel free to contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail information@tunerworks.com