If you have a W204 C63, you already know how much power these cars produce and how much fun they are. If you don’t, the W204 C63 was once described as “Driving an Axe Murderer trying to kill you”. ESS Tuning’s Supercharger System takes away that axe and gives the car a chainsaw instead!

ESS Tuning’s M156 6.2L AMG Twin Screw Supercharger System is a reliable, direct fit supercharger kit that produces some big power increases to a vehicle that has a ton of power already.

Their 2.9L Whipple sourced supercharger comes with all the required components to install onto your C63 including a large capacity charge cooler, 550CC Bosch fuel injectors with high flow fuel rails and crossover system, ESS’s ECU software developed specifically for this kit, and optional pulley sizes for 6PSI, 7PSI or 8PSI of boost depending on how crazy you want to go with the system.

ESS is listing power increases of 180+ WHP at 6PSI on base C63 and 150+WHP on PP cars. This means your factory C63 will see over 577HP and 489 ft-lbs of torque using the factory exhaust!

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