REVO Technik offer performance software upgrades for a large selection of VW and Audi applications to get more power, more torque, better fuel economy and more enjoyment out of your vehicle!

Born in 2002, REVO has been on the forefront of VW/Audi tuning. With their head office located in Daevntry, England, nestled in the heart of the UK’s motorsports triangle, REVO has been focused on re-mapping software for VW and Audi vehciles and have even expanded to some late-model Ford vehicles and Porsche’s. 

Most of REVO’s software upgrades are done through the vehicles OBDII port, which allows for a simple, quick installation and no need to remove the vehicle’s ECU. REVO flashes are done in house here at Tunerworks. REVO also has their SPS (Serial Port Switcher) for certain vehicles to allow drivers to select their tune as they would like.

REVO offers their performance software upgrades in stages starting at Stage 1 for people who want more power, but don’t have major modifications done to their vehicles, going all the way up to custom built Stage 4/5 tunes for those who have fully built motors in their vehicles.

Along with REVO’s software programs, REVO has a large selection of hard parts available as well. They offer cold air intakes, silicone intake piping, brakes, motor mounts and more!

We carry the full line of REVO products and software upgrades, so please contact us at 403-398-9833 or e-mail