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The race car touch – Porsche center lock wheels

Porsche sports cars are revered by the Tunerworks staff and we see virtually every model coming through the shop on a regular basis, including some limited production collectible examples. Beginning in 2004 with the uber-special Carrera GT (Type 980), Porsche chose to equip their top-tier performance and GT sports cars with ‘center lock’ wheels that are held in place with a large central nut tightened to a very high toque spec. The use of this type of wheel securing mechanism by Porsche dates back to the ‘60s with iconic race cars like the 907 and 917, followed by the 934, 935 and then introduced to the street cars on the revolutionary 959 supercar of the 80s. While ‘CL wheels’ look cool and offer some technical advantages, they also present some challenges for sourcing alternate wheels.

Jet Black Porsche Carrera GT equipped with aftermarket carbon fiber and magnesium center lock wheels. Note that the factory uses red nuts on the driver’s side and blue nuts on the passenger’s side to avoid any mix-ups on this supercar.

Porsche GT3 Center Lock Hub and Brake Caliper Calgary Alberta

Tunerworks is aligned with a number of well-respected wheel manufacturers that build Porsche-specific center lock wheels to fit every model equipped with these special hubs. All of the aftermarket wheels we sell are engineered to interface perfectly with the Porsche hub securing mechanism and offer clearance to fit over the large Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) components. We have CL Porsche wheels available for street, track, summer or winter in sizes to fit all applications including:

911 GT3 – 2010-2019 (997 / 991)

911 GT3 RS – 2010-2019 (997 / 991)

911 GT2 RS (997 / 991)

911 Carrera GTS and GTS 4 – 2011-2019 (997 / 991 / 992)

911 Turbo & Turbo S – 2010-2019 (997 / 991)

Carrera GT (980)

For owners of Porsche models that didn’t come factory-equipped with single-nut wheels we can supply center lock conversion kits to bring your car up to the GT / GTS / Turbo S spec!

Some of our more adventurous clients choose to enjoy their 911s year round. Below are examples of OZ Racing center lock wheels wrapped in winter tires!

No matter how you plan to drive your machine from Stuttgart or Leipzig we can help with the wheels. Here is a selection of styles from some of our trusted wheel suppliers.


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