Niche Road Wheels has a large selection of wheels in their catalog that are suited to fit almost every vehicle on the road!

Niche Road Wheels has a large selection of wheels ranging in sizes from 15″-26″. Niche also has a number of different series of wheels with different construction and different price points to suit anyone’s budget.

Niche Ascari

Niche Kumo

Niche Walker

Niche NR6

Niche offers most of their high quality cast wheels in a number of finishes, including painted candy colours and unique finishes like their Black & Machined with double dark tint.

Niche Misano in Candy Red

Niche Milan SUV in Black & Machined with Double Dark Tint

Niche Roadwheels also has a complete line of forged wheels that offer options in Monoblock and multipiece with full bespoke options available!

Niche Versailles in Matte Green with Gloss Black Outer

Niche Citrine in Hi Luster Polished Rose Gold with a Polished lip

Niche Grandprix in Peek a Blue over polished finish

Niche Roma in Brushed, Liquid Bronze and Matte Copper Lips

Niche Scope in Hi Luster Polish with Candy Apple Tint, Gloss Double Dark Tint

With many options available for a large selection of vehicles, Niche Road Wheels has it all!

For pricing, availbility or fitment inquiries, please contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail