A premium full-face mesh concept of light weight flow formed construction, the V801 is the convergence of form and function. Simply put, the V801 demonstrates a level of design, construction, and finish that surpasses the status quo.




Every inch of the V801 has been scrutinized, tweaked, and perfected to achieve our design goals. Each feature of the V801’s architecture is the result of a vision to create a contemporary classic style that takes cues from modern automotive design language. From the center converging spoke extensions with alternating teardrop-diamonds that yield fluid symmetry, to the raised spoke ends, undercut lip, and angular concavity profile that produce sharp, visual depth; each crest and curve of the V801 serves a purpose.



VMR believe a beautiful idea means nothing without the brawn to back it up. The V801 has been engineered as meticulously as it’s been designed. Utilizing their state of the art flow forming manufacturing process, the V801 barrel is forged via high heat and high pressure rollers. This hybrid construction results in a strong wheel that weighs less, without driving up costs unnecessarily. Oh, and did we mention the load rating? The V801 is overengineered to meet a minimum rating of 815KG per wheel. That’s 1797LBS, per wheel. Weight Reduction? Strength? Both required elements of the V801’s engineering and construction process.


The amount of detail the V801 demonstrates in design and construction is taken one step further with the factory finishes available – Hyper Silver, Anthracite Metallic, and two brand new coatings. With the goal of highlighting the intricacies and overall impact of the V801, we are proud to introdue two new, multi-stage, premium crafted finishes with this release: Mercury Black Metallic & Titanium Black Shadow

Mercury Black Metallic – A diamond cut face highlighted by Mercury Black accent with a high gloss translucent throughout. The bright mirror finished face with highly reflective Mercury Black accent creates an immensely dynamic, lustrous appearance.

Titanium Black Shadow – A diamond cut face offset by Piano Black accent with Dark Titanium clear throughout. The stealth titanium tint over mirror finished face results in a high gloss wheel that displays contrast in direct light, yet appears full gloss black in indirect light.



The V801 is machined in-house, in VMR’s Southern California facility, to fit your vehicle. No centering rings are required. No aftermarket adaptors are needed. VMR takes out the guesswork and replace it with craftsmanship because we believe the best fitting wheel is one that doesn’t require any accessories to install properly.

The V801 is available in a variety of specifications to fit a wide range of vehicles. Combine this with our aforementioned in-house machining and the result is a wheel that fits more applications than we can count.

V801 Available Sizes
18×8.5 ET35 / ET45
18×9.5 ET25 / ET35 / ET45 / ET50
19×8.5 ET35 / ET45
19×9.5 ET25 / ET35 / ET45


If you’d like pricing or to check fitment of these great wheels for your vehicle, please feel free to contact Bryan at 403-398-9833 EXT 25 or email