The world leader in OEM and aftermarket seating, Recaro, has announced their new 2018 line up with some very cool, very limited edition seats and some classic styling.

Recaro seats are well known across the automotive market. From the OEM seats in a number of performance vehicles on the road, to their aftermarket sport, ergonomic and race seats, Recaro is one of the most easily recognizable seat manufacturers out there. They produce iconic styles, superior comfort, and most of all, extremely safe seating options for any vehicle.

For 2018, Recaro has anounced 3 limited edition seats, and 2 new additions to their regular catalog.

Starting with their limited edition seats, Recaro is going back to the 70’s and 80’s with their Expert Houndstooh Limited Edition

Recaro’s Limited Houndstooh Edition seat features distinctive upholstery that will remind people of some of the world’s great sports cars of past dacades. They feature a classic style with Recaro’s world class ergonomic technology built in. The result is a seat that looks great, feels great and are kind to your body and leave you feeling refreshed after a long drive. These seats would look amazing in a classic German machine like an BMW E30 or classic Porsche, a classic muscle car, or even a classic machine from Japan like a 240Z or KE70 Corolla!

These seats are available for pre-order with production begining March 2018.

Recaro keeps the retro theme going with their next limited edition seats, the Speed Gradient.

These super limited edition is the way that Recaro is celebrating a design icon of the early eighties. Based off their iconic Speed seat, these Speed Gradient pay homage to the original RECARO sport seats and show a distinctive design with the RECARO logo on a colour gradient in shades of orange and brown. These seats feature all the same options that have made the Speed one of their most iconic seats – integrated headrest, belt pass-throughs, aggressive bolstered shoulders, back and thigh areas.

Recaro are limiting these seats to only sets to be produced for the North American market. Each seat with come with a certificate of authenticity to identify their exclusive nature. These seats are also being sold in pairs only.

These limited edition seats are ready for order from Recaro!

Rounding out the 2018 limited edition seat collection is the Pole Position SL.

The Pole Position SL is a limited-edition, high-performance seat created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Recaro’s first lightweight shell seat for road use – the Recaro Ralley back in 1967.

The new Pole Position SL has a slim singlepiece shell made of GRP and provide perfect performance ergonomics and optimum body support. The headrest and side bolsters are covered with black leather with a green leather stripe and black stiching around the edge to outline and emphasize the seat’s contour. The seat cushion and backrest are covered with a carbon-fiber look black fabric that provides a pleasant feel and optimum hold. The Pole Position SL is TUV approved and comes in at an extremely lightweight of only 7KG (15.5lbs)!

These seats are even more exlusive with Recaro only making 300 numbered seats worldwide. Each seat is numbered with an aluminum plaque that is affixed to the seat. They are also only being sold as pairs as well.

These seats are available for pre-order with production starting end of January, early February 2018.

Adding to their amazing line of seats are some unique takes on their current line-up.

First up is the new Speed V

The Speed V are a true bolt-in seat kit designed specifically for the C5, C6 and C7 Corvettes. The seat combines the look, feel and support of a racing generation seat with all the necessary comfort for every day driving. Highlighting the iconic speed shape is a coloured V insert available in Red, Blue, Grey or Yellow as pictured above. These would be an amazing addition to anyone’s Corvette to give a more race inspired, comfortable seat.

And last, but not least is the new Recaro Sportster GT seat

The new Sportster GT seat is based off their racing inspired Sportster CS seat, with unique design features and fabrics that will complement the styling of high-end sports cars and sports sedans. It combines the features of a sports seat and the light weight shell of a racing seat. The innovated reinforced polymer-based backrest provides good comfort along with optimum body support with it’s pronounced side bolsters and excellent shoulder support. After a long drive, your body feels relaxed and you’ll feel refreshed.

Available in a number of fabric options such as black cloth, vinyl with red suede, vinyl with blue suede, vinyl with cloud grey suede (pictured above), and black leather with carbon.

If you are looking for a set of truely unique seats for your vehicle, Recaro has you covered. For pricing, availabilty or ordering, please call Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail

Tunerworks carry the entire line of Recaro seating products.