Mercedes meets winter at Tunerworks – Wheels and tires for ice and snow

mercedes e63 oz OZ RACING LEGGERA HLT michelin pilot alpin pa4 winter tires


Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been the choice of European mountain goers for more than half a century and Tunerworks has the right winter wheels and tires for conquering the Canadian Rockies this winter.

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Over the past two decades the range of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG vehicles has exploded to include models with very unique wheel and tire requirements, not to mention the exclusive MOExtended or MOE  tires that feature run-flat-like tire characteristics. We have the experience to equip your Mercedes for winter with the alloy wheels and tires that are most appropriate for your driving needs – there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution!

Many of the AMG and premium models have very large summer wheels and tires, up to 23” on the new GLS, and owners of these vehicles might want to consider moving down a size or two for winter to reduce cost and in some cases improve snow/ice traction and increase ride comfort.

If you drive a late-model Mercedes sedan, coupe, supersports, SUV or G Wagon car we have an excellent selection of winter wheels and tires. Avoid the boring ‘cookie cutter’ winter wheels offered by the dealer and let us show you what is possible!







Mercedes Winter Tires and Wheels Specialist in Calgary