One of Subaru’s more quintessential trademark is their functional hood scoops and top mount intercooler, but did you know that your top mount intercooler is actually robbing away valuable power? Perrin has the solution to get that power back with their new front mount intercooler kit!

The top mounted intercooler’s on Subaru’s are very iconic and what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. But the position of the intercooler actually robs power potential from the vehicle. By having the intercooler positioned over the top of the motor, the intercooler is susceptible to heat soak, which can keep your charged air to stay warm, robbing your vehicle of power. The solution? Move the intercooler to the front of your vehicle and get fresh cool air to cool down your charged air.

Perrin’s kit comes with everything you’ll require for the installation. Most people are concerned about having to modify or remove the factory bumper beam to fit the intercooler. Perrin has developed this system and their intercooler support beam to work with the vehicle’s support beams to keep you cool and safe. Perrin has also designed the kit to work with no modification required to the bumper skin, but if you want to get the most airflow possible, Perrin provides a template to trim the bumper skin back to expose more of the intercooler for better boost cooling.

The intercooler it’s self is engineered to provide the most optimal cooling and decrease boost pressure drop over the stock top mounted intercooler. The core of Perrin’s intercooler is a 3/8” bar and plate style with a 3/8” charged air and 3/8” ambient air path. This larger design makes the construction of the intercooler able to withstand rocks and road debris better than other companies who use the more common ¼” size tubes. The core is capped off with a set of cast aluminum end tanks with a smooth straight transition to help increase airflow across the intercooler.

Perrin also breaks away from the norm when it comes to their boost tubes. Perrin’s Boost Tubes are CNC Mandrel bent from aluminum tubing to keep the weight down. They also produce their tubes in 2.25” instead of the more common 2.5” sizing. The benefit of running the smaller tube size is a smoother, cleaner, obstruction free routing and less pressure drop across the system. Perrin also mounts the cold side boost tubes as high as possible to clear all turbo and intake combinations as it travels to the throttle body to help reduce unwanted heat sink.

Perrin’s Front Mount Intercooler kit comes with everything you will require for the installation including a new fabricated aluminum washer fluid tank, new coolant overflow reservoir powercoated in wrinkle black, all of the couplers, clamps, piping, brackets and even a stencil if you want to show off your new intercooler.

The kits are available in either black or red boost tubes, and either a black or silver intercooler core. If you want a bit of flash under the hood, go with the red boost tubes and silver intercooler to show off that new intercooler, or go stealth with black core and black boost tubes for that sleeper look.

If you want to get more power and cooler charge temperatures from your WRX, please feel free to contact Bryan at 403-398-9833 ext 25 or e-mail for pricing and availablility.