Neuspeed, a leader in Audi and VW performance products has released their Power Modules to shake up the tuning world.

Normally if you owned a Volkswagen or Audi and wanted to get some more power out of your vehicle, you would have to invest in getting a reflash done to your vehicle. Neuspeed thinks there is a better way to go about getting that additional power. Their Power module is a device which easily allows most able persons to upgrade the performance of their Audi, VW or Porsche Macan without reducing the reliability or integrity ofthe engine, clutch and driveline. These modules are the simplest and best alternative to chip tuning. The Neuspeed Power Module is a full piggy back system, which plugs in line with factory sensors, but adds considerable power. 

The Module is a plug and play box that intercepts the MAP and Boost sensors and can be installed or removed within minutes without any detection, great for anyone who is still under warranty. There is a convenient two position switch for 91+ octane premium fuel, and 100+ octane race fuel for maximum HP output. They also have adjustable boost target switches built in too, which will increase your boost output level by up to +8PSI over stock. The electrical components are housed in a billet aluminium enclosure that keeps it protected from the elements. Neuspeed designed the Power Module to be mounted under the hood of your vehicle, so the module box, and wiring have been designed to handle the harsh conditions your engine bay can produce. The wiring is manufactured with high quality automotive grade wiring, loomed and sealed, which provides protection from oil, and heat and is finished off with OEM Style waterproof connectors.

These kits can provide up to 50HP gains over stock and still allow the ECU to remain in control of the boost, retain stock ECU programming, and still allow for your vehicle to keep factory vacuum levels. That means this module will not effect your cold start, warm-up or changes to idle.

The power module is available for a wide range of Volkswagen, and Audi applications as well as the Porsche Macan. If you’d like to get pricing or see if Neuspeed has coverage for your vehicle, please contact Bryan at 403-398-9833 EXT 25 or e-mail

**Stay tuned to see one of these installed on one of our staff’s awesome A4 Avant**