Tomei is one of Japan’s biggest names when it comes to performance parts. With everything from shift knobs to turbos to complete engines and stroker kits, Tomei has a large selection of parts to help your vehicle gain more power reliably. 

Since 1968, Tomei has been a leader in the Japanese tuning market. One characteristic that Tomei has over some other tuning companies is that they look both to the future and to the past when it comes to their products. Tomei is on the forefront of products for new vehicles and powerplants, but also stays true to their roots and history by producing parts for older engines such as Nissan’s A and L series and Toyota’s iconic 4AGE.

Tomei’s claim to fame in recent years has been their Expreme series of Titanium exhausts. These pie-cut titanium exhaust systems free up horsepower, torque and reduce weight by up to 20lbs over the stock exhaust systems! Tomei’s signature pie-cut bends and burnt titanium tips give these exhaust systems a unique look and highlight the quality of the construction of their products. Beats the old rusty steel exhaust on most vehicles any day!

Match Tomei’s high-flowing exhaust systems with their beautiful headers and downpipes!

Along with their Expreme series of exhausts, Tomei is also known for their ARMS series of turbochargers.

Tomei research, develop and test all of the the ARMS series of turbochargers in house. They design the turbos to have response equal to the stock trim turbos while increasing horsepower, torque. Their turbos are 100% bolt-in, so there are no modifications required to the exhaust or mounting to get them to fit. Check out these side by side comparison pictures of factory SR20DET turbos (S13 & S15) compared to Tomei’s ARMS M7960 and M8270 turbochargers

Tomei has their ARMS turbos available for Nissan RB26DETT, SR20DET, KA24DE,  Toyota 1JZ-GTE, Subaru EJ in both single scroll and twin scroll, Mistubishi 4G63 and Hyundai Gensis Coupe’s.

Tomei also offer a wide selection of engine internal parts, including pushrods, their PONCAM camshafts, or PROCAM camshafts for more performance, cam gears, multi-layer headgaskets, pistons, valves, valve guides, springs, and more!

Tomei goes all the way to completely built crate engines that are built with all of their internal parts

If you are looking for some performance parts for your Japanese vehicle, new or old, check out Tomei’s catalog.

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