Have you installed an aftermarket exhaust on your vehicle and have had your check engine light come on afterwards? Fabspeed has the ultimate oxygen sensor spacer!

Fabspeed has created the best solution to fix that pesky CEL light that sometimes occurs when you install an aftermarket exhaust. Their Universal Oxygen Sensor spacers go well and beyond what their competitors do. Most oxygen sensor spacers will lengthen the distance between the oxygen sensor and the exhaust flow to reduce the sample size and reduce the chance of throwing a CEL.

Fabspeed goes a step further. Their spacers retract the secondary oxygen sensor from the direct flow of gases, but also have 2 small high quality built catalysts built into the spacer to reduce the chance of throwing a CEL even further. 

Both the main body of the spacer and the 90 degree angled section of the spacer have these catalysts in them. The 2 piece design allows for the most amount of adjustment and allows the best possible fit.


If you’re looking to add a highflow cat or test pipe to your vehicle and want to ensure you don’t have any pesky CEL’s come on, please feel free to contact us for the best pricing on these awesome pieces of technology.

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