HRE and Tunerworks have a great partnership that has been going on for years and we are lucky enough to head to their US headquarters every so often to take a look around at their facilties and see what’s new.

Arriving at their facility, you are greeted by HRE’s unmistakable logo adorned above the doors.

Inside the doors is their main office area and some of their wheels on display. Having these wheels on display allow you to get up close and personal with the amazing machine work and unique finishes that HRE offer.

HRE were kind enough to bring us back to their factory to show us some of the steps that it takes to turn a chunk of raw forged billet aluminium into the works of art that are HRE wheels.

Walking into the factory, one of the first things you see is their large selection of raw billet forged castings.

These chunks of raw forged billet are the base for all of their wheels (except for their flowformed series). HRE has an impressive CNC milling process that take these shapeless pieces of metal and slowly and methodically carve them down into their wheels.

Their CNC maching is broken down into a number of areas. This is the outside of their monoblock machining area.

Here you can see some blank raw billet pieces waiting to be machined into a set of monoblocks. The odd chunks leaning up against the post on the floor are the off-cuts that are left over from the machining process.

Here you can see a raw forging that is about to be machined into the center section of a multipiece machine. You can see the amount of material that is taken off on the machine’s cutting head above the forging.
Once the forgings are machined into their respective components, they are brought over to their finishing services  areas. Here you can see a rack of all black.

It’s not just multipiece wheels that get this treatment either.

Once the wheels are assembled and meet HRE’s guidelines, they are boxed up and ready to ship to their customers around the world. Here you can see HRE’s stock of their FlowFormed wheels and lips and barrels ready to be shipped or made into a set of wheels.

Tunerworks wants to extend a big thank you to the great people over at HRE for allowing us to take a look at the facilities and for our great partnership! If you are looking for some extremely high quality, bespoke wheels for your vehicle, HRE is the top of the top. For pricing and fitment for your vehicle, please contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail

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