HRE is proud to announce their two new wheel series for 2017, the RS2M and RS3M.

Each new series of wheel offer 5 new unique styles
in their industry leading monoblock construction.

Series RS2M 







Series RS3M 






The Series RS2M & RS3M Monoblok wheels are for enthusiasts seeking the sophistication and clean lines of traditional HRE styles, but demand something fresh and modern. By integrating clean and elegant surfacing, a unique lightened-bowl design on the face and twisted-spoke features, the Series RS2M & RS3M epitomizes the idea that wheel designs can be painstakingly refined so that they continue to complement the ever-evolving designs of today’s modern sports cars and high performance sedans. Just as today’s finest cars have continually improved over the years, so too can today’s finest wheels.

All of the wheels from the Series RS2M and RS3M are available in 19″, 20″, 21″, and 22″ and are built to order, so are suitable for most vehicles on the road.

As is with all of HRE’s monoblock wheels, they are available in a number of colours and finishes.

If you’d like pricing or to discuss the different options available for these wheels, please feel free to contact Bryan at 403-398-9833 EXT 25 or e-mail