The leader in radar detectors, Escort Radar, has released their newest version of their most popular dash mounted radar detector to date. Meet the new Redline EX.

For years, Escort Radar has lead the market in dash mounted radar detectors and their most popular model for anyone who does a lot of highway travel was the Escort Redline. Escort has decided to update their classic Redline and bring it into 2017.

The old Redline was known for 2 key features, an incredible range and having that unique “undetectable” case. But, over the years, the old simple LED display and basic features of the detector fell by the way side compared to some of the more modern detectors on the market. Escort noted this and decided they would re-develop a new version of this classic detector.

The new Redline EX shares most of the features that the original Redline had, but with more modern updates. The Redline EX shares the same Totalshield casing that makes it undetectable,  exceptional range and compact size, but that’s where the similarities end.

The Redline EX features Escort’s new EZ Mag mounting solution, Front and rear laser and radar heads to provide the best protection, their new Alertlamp which provides additional alert information, Bluetooth connectivity to allow users to connect to Escort’s Escort Live service which will also provide information like the posted speed limit, and comes with Escort’s new Smartcord USB.

The biggest change is the display. Escort has switched over to use their  Graphic Multi-Colour OLED display to provide users with clear, easy to read information.

The new OLED display will provide drivers with information such as the band, bandwidth frequency, strength of the band signal and if pair with Escort’s EscortLive system, real time traveling speed, posted speed limit,and access to Escort’s Defender database system, which will provide red-light, green light cameras and photoradar locations.

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