Although winter doesn’t technically start for another 5 months, now is a great time to start thinking about winter wheels for your vehicle. While most other companies won’t start rolling out their winter wheel program for another few months, our great partners over at FAST Wheels have options for almost every vehicle on the road available year round!

fast wheels

FAST Wheels is one of Canada’s premier wheel manufacturers who offer wheels for almost every vehicle on the road for a reasonable price. Don’t let the title of this post fool you, they do wheel winter wheels, but they also offer a number of stylish wheels for your daily driver too.

F199 Hippari Black Machined Lip 8 holes B

FAST’s winter wheel program has wheels that are designed to be suited to Canada’s harsh winter. Their powder coated finishes are tested in real world conditions in Quebec to ensure your wheels will look good in years down the road. 

Looking for a higher quality wheel for your winters? FAST has you covered there too! FAST has recently released their FC Series of Flowformed wheels. Flowformed wheels are lighter than their cast cousins, and stronger too. FAST’s FC series of wheels are very reasonably prices with fitments for tons of vehicles! Here are a couple sets we have done on customer’s vehicles recently

DSC 0311

DSC 0307

FAST also has a number of great looking wheels for your summer wheels too! FAST has a bunch of great styles to really let your vehicle pop and have a personality of its own. 

F230 Dime Matte Blue 5 lugs B

F219 Innovation Titanium B

F197 Vengeance Satin Black B

F139 HAYAKU 15in 4 lugs Satin Black

They also do truck wheels too!

F225 Wildcat Satin Gunmetal Milled Trim B

Check out FAST’s website for all their great styles

For pricing and availbility, please contact us at 403-398-9833 or e-mail and don’t forget to include details about your vehicle.