Looking for the ultimate laser protection for your vehicle?? Al Priority now offers their upgraded TX sensor to protect against high pulse-rate VPR LIDAR guns such as the DragonEye.

As police radar and LIDAR(laser) systems become more advanced, companies like AL Priority need to be on the cutting edge of technology. This is where their new TX sensor comes into play.

With the “unbeatable” DragonEye LIDAR system being deployed more and more across the country, AL Priority took it upon them selves to ensure they can protect their customers from this new technology. Adding the TX sensor to your already exsisting AL Priority system provides bullet-proof performance against LIDAR. 

AL Priority’s new TX sensor is the most powerful “transmit-only” sensor with unique triple transmitter design. The new TX sensor is the smallest sensor AL Priority have developed coming in at a tiny 1.06″x1.18″x0.37″ for a inconspicuous installation. You can see the size difference between the original AL Priority sensor. 

If you want the ultimate protection, add on a TX sensor to the rear of your vehicle for full 360 degree protection. Adding a standard ALP sensor and a TX sensor on the rear of your vehicle will protect you from almost every LIDAR gun on the market. For larger vehicles, double up on the ALP Sensors to ensure that your entire rear end is protected.

The new TX sensor needs to be paired with AL Prioriy’s GPS Module and at least one standard ALP sensor to work properly. Double up on the TX sensors to provide double the transmit firepower.

If you are looking to either upgrade your current system or are looking for a complete laser protection system, please contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail information@tunerworks.com