Eibach has released their line of Performance Suspension parts for the Mustang GT350

If you own a Mustang GT350 and are looking for a more responsive suspension, Eibach has you covered. They have recently released their performance suspension parts for the GT350 that will help get your vehicle lower, corner better and give it that aggressive stance.

To lower the vehicle for a lower center of gravity and aggressive looks, Eibach offers their Pro-Kit Lowering springs

The Pro-Kit will lower the Mustang 1″ in the front and 0.7″ in the rear to give a functional but aggressive ride height.

If you are looking for responsive steering, reducing body roll, and sharpen up the vehicle’s cornering feel, Eibach has their Anti-Roll Kit.


Their Anti-Roll  Bars (Swaybars) step up the diameter from the OEM sizes of 34mm in the front and 22mm in the rear, up to a 35mm in the front and a 25mm in the rear. These larger bars have less flex than OEM bars, which reduced body roll, provides more driver feedback through the steering wheel and makes the suspension more responsive. Eibach offers these bars individually, or as a pair in a single box.

If you want the complete package, Eibach offers their Pro-Plus kit, which is their Pro-Kit Springs and Anti-Roll Kit in a single box.

If you are looking to lower your ride, or help stiffen up the suspension, please contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail information@tunerworks.com for pricing, availability or if you have any questions about Eibach products.