Continental has released a new tire for 2017 with the goal of being a direct competitor to Michelin’s super popular Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 4’s Tires.

Introducing the Extreme Contact Sport!

Continental is excited to release their newest ultra-high performance summer tire. Continental developed this tire with the Pilot Sport series of tires in their sights. The tires were tuned and developed with the help of some of the best IMSA (International Motor Sports Association) drivers in Continental’s Sports Car Challenge series to develop the best possible tire for street driving.

These guys race to get you a better tire!

Continental has developed this tire to have superior traction in both wet and dry conditions by improving the siping and developing a new SportPlus technology compound. A unique feature that Continental has built into the tire is a new tread wear indicator that not only indicates when the tires need to be replaced, but they also have a dry and wet tire indicator built into the shoulder of the tire to let drivers know if their tires will still give optimal performance in both wet and dry conditions. They do this by marking a and on the tires shoulder tread. 

Continental offers these amazing tires in 60 different sizes for wheels as small as 15 inch to 20 inch!

Check out Continental’s website for a full list of sizing:

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