COBB Tuning is one of the names that is commonly associated with Subaru Performance, but did you know they offer Staged Power Packages for a number of other vehicle brands?

COBB Tuning is one of the premier tuning companies that offer a one box solution for you to add power to your vehicle and take the guess work out of buying mix and match parts hoping they will work together.

COBB built their name in the Subaru performance world, but over the years have expanded their product line to cover a number of vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Ford, Mazda, Mistubishi, Nissan and even offer products for German vehicles including Porsche and Volkswagen.

All of COBB’s Staged Power Packages gravitate around their AccessPort tuner. The Staged Power Packages start with Stage 1, which usually consists of their AccessPort and either a drop in replacement air filter or one of their SF intakes to help your engine breath better. They range all the way up to their Stage 4 kits, such as this one for a Mistubishi Evo X that consist of everything from a new turbocharger, fuel system upgrades, front mount intercooler, boost controller, all the way down to their stainless steel turboback exhaust.

We recently had a customer who dropped his 2011 Subaru STI Wagon off to get one of COBB’s Stage 2+ power packages installed onto his car. Check out the pictures!


Turboback installed

Laser Etched Turbo Heatshield and COBB BadgeCOBB’s SF Air Intake and Airbox with Accessport sitting in the background

Bonus Image: We did a set of AWESOME Enkei NT03+M wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires on this customers car too!


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