StopTech brakes offers great braking upgrade products no matter what you do with your vehicle to provide superior stopping power.

StopTech is one of the world premiere brake manufacturers who provide not only aftermarket performance braking components, but also build OEM brake kits for manufacturers such as Toyota or Lexus.

StopTech has products for almost every vehicle on the road. It doesn’t matter if you drive your vehicle as a daily driver commuter, have your truck you use for work or hauling your toys around, or that performance vehicle you want to upgrade the brakes on or get better stopping for track use, StopTech has products for your vehicle.

StopTech’s staple is their Sport Rotors.  StopTech provides these rotors for almost every vehicle on the road in a number of different options. StopTech offers slotted or drilled rotors for better heat dissipation and off-gassing to provide a reduced stopping distance and better stopping power.

StopTech goes further with these rotors by offering them cryogenically treated to harden the steel for better heat exchange, and longevity. Great for severe duty or if your hauling a heavy load.

If you want to upgrade your entire OEM braking system, StopTech has their Axle Packs.

StopTech has a number of different axle packs available depending on what you are planning to do with your vehicle. For example, each StopTech Sport Axle Pack comes with a set of StopTech Sport Rotors, StopTech Sport brake pads for aggresive street or track use, and a set of StopTech High Performance stainless steel brake lines for reduced system compliance and increased durability.

For pickup truck owners out there, StopTech’s Truck Axle Pack comes with a set of StopTech Sport Rtors and StopTech Sport high thermal capacity pads, perfect for heavier braking due to towing, hauling or high performance driving on or off road.

Want even more performance braking? StopTech’s Big Brake kits offer the ultimate performance for aggressive street driving or track use.


StopTech’s 1-Piece Rotor Big Brake systems upgrade and represent the best performance value in StopTech’s big brake kit lineup. Designed for street driven production vehicles, StopTech’s 1-Piece Rotor Big Brake Kits include forged 2-piece calipers, larger StopTech 1-Piece Sport Rotors, Stainless Brake Lines and StopTech’s Sport Brake pads. These are the ultimate brake upgrade for a street machine!

Along with the upgraded performance of the brake kit, StopTech offers their calipers in a number of different finishes for that unique finishing touch to your vehicle build.

Have more of a track toy? StopTech’s Trophy Big Brake kits are bred for racing.

StopTech’s Trophy Big Brake kits include forged, lightweight StopTech STR Calipers, floating slotted AeroRotors, stainless steel brakelines and race engineered caliper brackets. StopTech offers these systems in 2 different options, one for strict track use with a harsh compound designed for track use, and another with a softer pad that is more suited for street use. StopTech’s STR calipers are fully machined from lightweight forged aluminium to reduce flex, weight and a firm brake pedal feel. Their AeroRotors are a patented 2 piece rotor that has been designed to push more air over its curved airfoil shaped vanes. The 2 piece rotor’s AeroHats are built from 7075 Billet Aluminium that help increase airflow over the rotor by 50-100% over traditional 2-piece design rotors. This helps balance the temperature between the inside and outside of the rotor for a even ware, and less distortion of the rotor.

If you are looking for better braking for your vehicle, no matter what you drive or what you use it for, please contact Tunerworks at 403-398-9833 or e-mail information@tunerworks.com for pricing and availability on StopTech Products.  Tunerworks carries the complete line of StopTech Products.