AWE Tuning officially releases their exhaust suite for the new B9 chassis S4. With three different tone levels, 2 different tip sizes, and 2 different tip colours, there is an option available for every B9 S4 owner out there!

AWE Tuning has just released their exhaust suite for the B9 S4. AWE’s exhaust suite for the B8 and B8.5 S4’s are the best-selling exhaust systems we sell here at Tunerworks, so their system for the B9 is sure to follow suit.

AWE offers three different versions of their exhaust systems for the B9. They offer the touring edition, track edition and their switchpath system.

The Touring Edition exhaust is perfect for customer’s who want more power and a bit more sound out of their S4, with keeping the comfort and mellow tone of their performance luxury machine.

Their Touring Edition exhaust features their proprietary drone-canceling 180 Technology resonators, 2.5″ CNC mandrel bent T304L stainless steel, and OEM fitment hangers for a hassle free installation. 

For owners wanting more sound volume, AWE’s Track Edition Exhaust provides a more raw performance tone.

AWE’s Track Edition features the same 2.5″ CNC mandrel bent T304L stainless steel, but eliminates their 180 Technology resonators for a louder, more raw, powerful exhaust note. This is the perfect exhaust for owners who want to hear the sound of their performance luxury sedan at the most raw level possible and be heard on the road.

For owners who want the best of both worlds, AWE offers their Switchpath exhaust.

AWE’s Switchpatch system offers owners the ability to change the exhaust note at the push of a button.  The Switchpath exhaust has an electronically controlled valve that changes the exhaust note from a mellow tone, similar to the AWE touring Edition exhaust, to the raw aggressive tone similar to the Track Edition exhaust. The Switchpath system can be used with either the factory valve programming, or can be controlled with their optional hand-held remote.


All of AWE’s Exhaust systems come with 2 choices for tip colours, their Chrome Silver, or signature Diamond Black tips. For the B9, AWE also offers 2 different tip diameters, a 90mm or a 102mm tip.

AWE Tuning has also released that in late 2017, early 2018, a third tip option will be available, Carbon Fiber!

For customers who are looking for the complete package when it comes to their exhaust, AWE also offers downpipes to round out the system.

AWE offer the downpipes available in both resonated and non-resonated versions.

With so many options, AWE’s Exhaust Suite for the B9 S4 has a system that is sure to satisfy every taste and budget.

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