Are you working on an import vehicle that needs more fuel? AEM’s new 400 liter per-hour inline fuel pump may be the solution you have been looking for.

AEM’s new 400LPH in-line fuel pump is a perfect solution for anyone with a high output naturally aspirated or turbocharged engine that needs that extra amount of fuel.

Designed off a Bosch 044 style pump, this pump is a direct replacement, or perfect upgrade for anyone requiring a frame mounted inline pump. What makes it unique is that it comes with M18x1.5 female inlet and M12x1.5 Male outlet fittings for easy fitting onto vehicles using metric fuel lines and plumbing. Most vehicles that use metric fittings from factory and use a standard 044 style pump will need to convert the lines over to imperial sized fittings. This cuts the headache of having to modify your factory lines out of the picture.

This new 400LPH fuel pump can support an astonishing 1200hp naturally aspirated and a whopping 860hp at 30psi of boost! It flows 400lph (105 gph) at 40psi of fuel pressure, 340lph (90 ghp) at 73 psi and 270 lph (71 gph) at 120psi.

Horsepower VS Pressure Graph

Volumetric flow & current vs pressure graph

This is a perfect upgrade for any high-horsepower import using metric fuel lines.

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