Work wheels has looked through their history books and redeveloped one of their classic wheels from the 90s for the modern age. This is the Work Emitz.

Work released the original Emitz in the late 80s/early 90s as a stylish multi-fin style wheel suited for the luxury VIP car culture that was big in Japan at the time. Over the years the classic Emitz has remained a favorite wheel in the VIP culture, but was only released in smaller sizes back in the day. Work realized there was still a demand for this wheel and that customers wanted it available in more modern sizes. This is where the NEW Emitz comes into the picture.

The new Emitz is available in a 2 piece full reverse lip in 19 and 20 inch sizes and in a 2 piece reverse step lip in 20 and 21 inch sizes. The wheels are available in 19×7.5 to 19×12.5, 20×8 to 20×12.5 and 21×8.5 to 21×12.5 sizes in 2 different finishes, Black Polish or Chrome.

Black Polished Finish

Chrome Finish

These wheels would look great on any modern luxury vehicle that wants that classic wheel look.

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