The classic Porsche 911 models have been characterized for decades by timeless styling coupled with unadulterated sportiness. Everywhere in the world, the “911” is known as a sports car icon and the “G-Series model” enjoys an unimagined popularity. As such, the demand for a high quality suspension kit has grown. To meet this demand, KW has released their V3 adjustable shock absorbers for the 1973-1989 or “G-Series” 911s.

KW’s Variant 3 Shock Absorbers for the G-Series 911 (from model year 1974) with a built date from 1973 to 1989 are a direct replacement shock absorber that offers independently adjustable compression and rebound rates.

KW’s Variant 3 shock absorbers are a complete kit that includes a spindle housing and damper, so there is no need to do a time consuming strut conversion with replacing strut cartridges for an easy installation. The new KW shocks are build out of a galvanized steel housing and are able to work with the standard torsion bar springs front and rear.

These new shocks help reduce body roll and give the vehicle a more neutral driving behavior.

With their integrated compression and rebound adjustment click adjusters, it is easy to individually adjust KW’s recommended damper basic setup. With the click of either the compression or rebound adjuster, owners can dial in the balance of their vehicles suspension.

A higher compression level on the front axle allows for more direct steering and on the rear axle, higher compression damping force counteract the oversteering. Due to the degressive valve assembly of the preconfigured high speed compression valve, the damping is positively influenced in the case of sudden driving over bumps in the road. The wheels can immerse suddenly and for this example, prevents the jumper over road irregularities. A classic Porsche 911 equipped with adjustable KW shock absorbers will receive a much more direct handeling. 

The G-Body also gets significantly more grip on the rear axle without an increased oversteer. 

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