Robust und Exklusiv:  G Wagon upgrades from mild to mega


Everyone knows a G when they see one and whether you call it a G-Wagon, G-Wagen, Gdawg, or by it’s German name Geländewagen (cross country vehicle) there is no mistaking this beautiful box-on-wheels for anything else!


The Mercedes-Benz G has been in production since the late ‘70s but it wasn’t officially imported into North America as a street-legal civilian vehicle until 2002 with the 463 chassis G500 model.  After that Mercedes upped the ante with more potent and aggressive models like the supercharged (Kompressor) G55 AMG, G63 AMG, the torque monster V12 BiTurbo G65 AMG then the biggest of them all, the towering G550 4×4².

As distinctive as a G-Class might be it can still be difficult to tell the difference between a 2005 G500 and a 2016 G550 or even a 2014 G63 and a new 2020 G63; this is where Tunerworks comes in with wheels, tires, engine and body upgrades to make your G-Wagon as unique as you are.

Do you want the menacing look of oversized all-terrain tires, the extra shove in the back of a G63 BiTurbo upgraded to 635HP or the ultimate package, a complete Brabus 800 built to your specifications?

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