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It would be difficult to name a performance upgrade that offers more bang for the buck than a BMC air filter. By simply swapping your vehicle’s factory paper element air filter for a BMC pre-oiled cotton filter you can add power through reducing intake tract restriction and never have to worry about replacing another air filter for the life of the car – at the next maintenance interval just wash, oil and go!

There are many other brands of high-performance aftermarket air filters on the market and we sell some of the other reputable brands because BMC’s coverage doesn’t extend to every vehicle make/model that we work with. When a BMC is available it should be your first choice, however if you need a bit more convincing about the quality and reputation of BMC’s filters then consider this:

BMC started by supplying filters to the racing world, specifically Formula 1, and since 1996 BMC has worked with top international motorsport teams to help them achieve winning results! 

13 Drivers titles and 14 Constructors titles in Formula 1

5 World Rally Championship titles

14 DTM Championships

17 Le Mans 24 Hours wins

5 Riders titles and 4 Manufacturing titles in MotoGP

Before you ask if BMC filters are only suitable for racing and motorsport use, consider what we believe is BMC’s strongest endorsement to date –! Yes Porsche selected BMC as their filter supplier of choice for two of their highest performance and most iconic modern road rockets, the 997.2 GT3 RS 4.0 and the 918 Spyder supercar! 


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