If you own a late model Porsche, one of the most restrictive pieces in the intake system is the factory plenum. IPD has developed a plenum that optimizes airflow and is one of the best bolt-on modifications for a late model Porsche

Porsche is renowned for it’s commitment to performance and is known for making some absolutely amazing engines. One place that the design of these engines falls short is in the factory air intake plenum. On most late model Porsche’s, the factory intake plenum is a plastic plenum in a T shape. This T shape has hard bends where the air is diverted to the individual intake runners.

IPD has found that this factory design slows air flow, and limits the air velocity. IPD has improved this design with their Y shaped design. They also integrate a dimpled interior surface that makes airflow more laminar (less turbulent). This combination dramatically improves power and torque across the entire RPM band.

IPD’s plenums are built out of a high quality cast aluminium. Using aluminium does not allow for excessive heat soak under driving or racing conditions. It is true that aluminium has a higher thermal conductivity than plastic, but the aluminium actually spreads the energy that it’s exposed to by 656 times faster than plastic and can store more than 550 times the amount of energy per unit mass. This means that the aluminium can absorb more heat and dissipate that energy faster than the plastic plenum. 

All of IPD’s plenums come with all required hardware, fittings and hoses for a factory fit installation. Worried about check engine lights? IPD design, test all of their plenums to ensure they fit like a factory plenum, and in doing so, won’t throw a dreaded check engine light. No reflashes required, no worries, no headaches.

If you don’t race your vehicle, don’t worry! IPD plenums are one of the best bolt-on modifications that can be done for a late model Porsche, if you daily drive your Porsche to work, or if you take it to the track for a weekend of fun, these plenums are a perfect addition. For the daily drivers, smoother air flow coming into the engine means better performance, better air flow, which means the engine is going to be running more efficiently, which means better fuel economy. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and love to throw your Porsche around the track, these plenums are a perfect addition to increase horsepower and torque for any engine from a bone stock off the lot Porsche, to a highly modified one.

How much power do these plenums make? These plenums make significant power increases on both naturally aspirated and turbocharged vehicle. Turbo’ed vehicles will see a higher horsepower gain, because they make more power than a naturally aspirated engine, but IPD claims that most owners should see an increase of between 8-10% depending on the specific model of vehicle.

Depending on the model, IPD offers their standard and competition plenums. Competition plenums are designed to be used with an oversized throttle body and other bolt-on modifications to further improve the performance of vehicles. For example, IPD’s Competition Plenum for the 996 Carrera uses a a 997 GT3 82mm throttle body, which is a a substantially larger throttle body than the factory Carrera’s 74mm.  Adding a larger diameter plenum and larger diameter throttle body, this optimized the maximum amount of airflow into the engine, paired with matching modifications such as headers and a free flowing exhaust allow the engine to inhale and exhale easier, creating a more responsive, more powerful engine.


IPD has coverage for a large selection of late model Porsche’s including 996, 997, 991 Turbo, 996, 997 & 991 Carrera’s, 987 & 981 Cayman and Boxsters, 955, 957 & 958 Cayenne Turbo, and 970 Panamera Turbos.

If you are looking to increase airflow, horsepower, and torque in your late model Porsche, please contact one of our sales representatives at 403-398-9833 or e-mail information@tunerworks.com