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Akrapovic has launched a new range of products for Porsche’s latest generation of the iconic 911; the new turbocharged 991.2 Carrera.

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Akrapovic has manufactured a new Slip-On Line Titanium exhaust for the Porsche Carrera S/4/4s/GTS (991.2) along with optional stainless steel link pipe set which includes a set of high flow sport catalytic converts, and an optional carbon fiber rear diffuser to round out the look.

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Akrapovic’s Slip-On system is manufactured at Akrapovic’s in-house titanium foundry in Slovenia. They manufacture the system using an ultra-lightweight, heat-resistant titanium alloy which is then sandblasted and coated for increased durability. By using this light weight material, the Akrapovic’s new slip-on system weighs a 4kg (8.8lbs) less than the stock exhaust system, a weight reduction of over 35%. The system also integrates two titanium valves into the system which are key in controlling the unique Akrapovic sound. Using the factory Porsche exhaust valve button in the cabin, and factory Porsche control valves, owners can control the sound of their vehicle for their driving needs.

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Owners can also take the performance and sound levels even further by adding the optional stainless steel link pipes. These stainless link pipes are fitted with a high flow sport catalytic converter, which helps increase the exhaust flow, but also keeps the vehicle emissions legal. 

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Akrapovic finishes off the Slip-on system with a pair of their perfectly finished oval titanium tips

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To finish off the amazing sound of this exhaust system, Akrapovic also offers their matching carbon fiber diffuser to give an equally aggressive visual styling to the Carrera. These diffusers are available in both matte or high-gloss carbon fiber. All of Akrapovic’s carbon fiber are hand crafted from high quality materials.

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This system will change the feel, attitude and performance of any 991.2 Carrera for the better!

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To hear the amazing, refined and unique sound of this great exhaust system, please CLICK HERE

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