Perrin Turbo Sump Restrictor

If you have a 2015+ WRX with the new FA20DIT engine in it, you may notice that on start up the vehicle has a bit of smoke coming out of the exhaust and smells like burning oil. This is a common problem on modified WRX, but Perrin has a simple, easy to install solution that eliminates this problem. Introducing Perrin’s Turbo Sump Restrictor

Many customers experience a burning oil problem or blue smoke coming from their exhaust after installing aftermarket J-Pipes or turboback exhaust systems. Installing these parts on 2015+ WRX’s cause a change in the exhaust pressure, allowing engine oil to escape out of the turbo seals. This leaks into the exhaust creating the burning oil smell and blue smoke that many people see. Cars with catless J-pipe setups experience this issue much more than cars with high-flow cats.

The Perrin Turbo Sump Restrictor makes the turbo sump pump more effective at sucking oil out of the turbo sump. This in turn creates a slight vacuum on the turbo sump creating a proper balance of exhaust pressure and vacuum on the turbo seals, significantly reducing the amount of leaking around the turbo seals. This does not change the oil flow to the turbo in any way.

The installation is simple. Owners of the Perrin Turbo Sump Restrictor only need to make a small cut in the turbo sump vent hose located at the front of the engine, remove 1/2″ of hose, insert the Turbo Sump Restrictor and that’s it! Perrin say installation can be done in as little as 15 minutes! Perrin has designed the Turbo Sump Restrictor to be a very easy installation and even include the optional port on the side to allow customers with air/oil seperators to tap into the turbo sump vent line for extra ventilation.

Perrin Turbo Sump Restrictor

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